Bakhsh Group is a family group which has been trading for more than 10 years. We have national and global interests in a diverse range of sectors some of which are listed below. Consistently achieving without limits Bakhsh Group believes anything is possible and in a can do attitude together with creating loyal relations with our partners, customers and communities.


Bakhsh Group values the importance of education, and is mindful of the significant technological developments that have made distance and eLearning possible. These developments enable training and research to be conducted from home and abroad, facilitating access to valuable resources on the move. Bakhsh Group understands the necessity of learning in today’s fast-moving society, and educates in excess of 15,000 students each year through its expert educational interests.


Real estate management and development is an undertaking that encompasses a multitude of different operations. Combining remarkable design with exceptional renovation and locational expertise, Bakhsh Group is committed to achieving the highest quality results, and fosters a positive family ethos within its organization. Specialising in the restoration of historic properties, Bakhsh Group is devoted to maintaining aesthetic quality and structural integrity.


For many years, Bakhsh Group has championed renewable energies and resources, promoting and investing in wind farms and solar panels. Bakhsh Group also strives to safely and fairly manage global mining operations, extracting and protecting valuable minerals and resources. At a time when oil and gas continue to be necessary to the functionality of society, Bakhsh Group seeks to meet the essential demands for energy.


Bakhsh Group invests in some of the most opulent vehicles in the world, offering expertise in private aviation, motoring and yachting. Specialist brands provide an attentive and discreet service, and can assist in the acquisition and chartering of a plenitude of lavish aircraft and vessels. Bakhsh Group provides its clients with the flexible means to design their own lives, unhindered by late departures and cancelled trips.


Bakhsh group has gradually extended into the printing and publishing industries as its own efficiency measures began to drastically reduce print costs. Bakhsh Group thrives on an enthusiasm for education, and prides itself on the ability to deliver outstanding learning resources. Careful attention is awarded to each individual stage of the publishing process, including content creation, production, printing and global distribution.


Bakhsh Group supports the growing sports and entertainment industries, and nurtures favourable relationships with businesses in the field. Bakhsh Group has also progressed into the competitive arena of motorsport, and takes pride in its various relationships in music, film, television and gaming.


Bakhsh Group has established itself as a leader in the field of technological advancement and utilisation. With progression into animation and video gaming, as well as the development of fraud detection technology and programmes designed to geologically map unused oil wells, Bakhsh Group have driven many ambitious and diverse projects.

Art and Antiquities

An extensive and eclectic collection of fine art and antiques reflects Bakhsh Group’s dedication to the preservation and restoration of historical artefacts, relics and manuscripts. Although principally focused on the storage and protection of these objets d’art, Bakhsh Group also engages in the purchasing and trading of certain articles. At the heart of the organisation is a keen passion for conserving historical culture, and sourcing unique pieces.

Bakhsh Foundation

At Bakhsh Foundation we believe education is the key that allows people to build better lives, for themselves, their families and their communities. That is why we fund innovative education projects across the UK and Internationally. We also run our own ventures endeavouring to make education more accessible and help the people who need it the most. If you have any opportunities you would like us to consider please get in touch. Bakhsh Foundation is a registered Charity with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator charity number SC044625.